So… I havent really got any requests yet, but… you know… after I get the service learning done, Ill be on a roll… so… yeah. OH!!! And watch this video! Click ME! Its a good video! But i dont think it has subs… DONT COMMENT ME IF IT DOES!!!

Just sayin, The list is here:

1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

So now you know… how many PONIES are going to be on the list. Bronies AND Pegasisters. Well be geting a youtube channel soon. Yuss, we know, NU CHANNEL?!? NU SERVOOSE!! THESE PEGASISTERS SOOK!!! But no, we dunt want you to say dat. So go along and GUTE A LUFE!! *ahem* sorry everypony. my friend hase gone a tad insane at the moment so please exuse our tecnical diffficulties. (Thunder Swirls doesnt spell very good.) now have a graste day and thank you for your patronige.



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